Liver Detox (was Liver Complex), 1 oz.

Liver Detox (was Liver Complex), 1 oz.

Liver Detox (was Liver Complex), 1 oz.

SKU VW329-1
Brand Vitality Works
Unit Size 1 fl. oz. (1:2.1)
Dosage Herb Weight Equivalence: 1 ml = 476mg (30 drops equals 1 ml)
Properties Alterative; Cholagogue; Diuretic; Anti-inflammatory
Contraindications Pregnancy.
Chinese Symptomology Pelvic congestion;Fatty sticky stools;Fatigue
English name Liver Detox, 1 oz.
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Liver Detox can be used as a systemic cleansing stimulant, a specific liver stimulant to increase all liver function, a liver protectant, a treatment for liver stagnation or deficiency, skin cleanser via liver cleansing and a bile stimulant that will increase fat digestion and protein synthesis.


Ethically Wildcrafted Oregon Grape Root; Certified Organic Milk Thistle Seed; Ethically Wildcrafted Yellow Dock Root; Ethically Wildcrafted Fresh Red Root; Certified Organic Fresh Dandelion Root; Ethically Wildcrafted Fringe Tree Bark; Certified Organic Fresh Ginger Root; Grain alcohol (47-57% by volume); Deionized water

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