Liquidambar 15, 100 tablets

Liquidambar 15, 100 tablets

Liquidambar 15, 100 tablets

SKU SF169-100
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 100 tablets (crude herbs are powdered and formed)
Chinese Symptomology Back painDisc problems (inflammation, extrusion)
Western Symptomology Bone hyperplasiaArthralgia affecting hips and/or spineSciatica
Actions Invigorate meridians and vesselsVitalize bloodDispel wind-damp

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English name Liquidambar 15, 100 tablets
Description Liquidambar 15 was originally designed as a replacement for a popular modern patent remedy, Kanggu Zengsheng Pian, a unique prescription with some unusual ingredients. That formula is indicated for spinal problems, including multiplicative spondylitis and disc inflammation or damage (which can result in sciatica). Unfortunately, the patent contains many unlisted ingredients; also, several practitioners complained that it was too warming. Liquidambar 15, in addition to imitating the basic therapeutic action of Kanggu Zhengsheng Pian, was modified with reference to other patents that were also applicable to spinal disorders (e.g., Duzhong Hugu Wan, Eucommia Tiger Bone Pills; used for back pain, lumbago, and stiff joints), as well as modern Chinese formulas reported in medical journals as useful for the same purpose. The formula is mainly comprised of blood vitalizing herbs (liquidambar, myrrh, carthamus, persica, achyranthes), with herbs that are anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pyrola, geranium, pterospermum, photinia, morus twig, chuan-shan-long; these dispel wind-damp). The formula includes the yang tonic cistanche and yin nourishing loranthus and rehmannia. Although the original patent was developed for spinal problems, Liquidambar 15 is potentially useful for arthralgia and other inflammatory disorders causing pain. For lumbago and sciatica, see also Yao Tong Pian (Pine Mountain). For spinal disk degeneration or other problems related to fluid damage in the joint spaces, see Boswellamine (White Tiger). Additional analgesic effects can be obtained by adding Qi Ye Pian (Pine Mountain).
Ingredients Lu Lu Tong (liquidambar) 10% Lu Ti Cao (pyrola) 9% Lao Guan Cao (geranium) 9% Rou Cong Rong (cistanche) 8% Ban Feng He (pterospermum) 7% Shi Nan Teng (photinia) 7% Hei Lou Hu (kadsura) 6% Sang Zhi (morus twig) 6% Sang Ji Sheng (loranthus) 6% Chuan Shan Long (chuan-shan-long) 6% Shu Di (rehmannia) 6% Mo Yao (myrrh) 5% Hong Hua (carthamus) 5% Tao Ren (persica) 5% Niu Xi (achyranthes) 5%

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