Li Fei Lung Support, 60 tabs

Li Fei Lung Support, 60 tabs

Li Fei Lung Support, 60 tabs

SKU KT132-60
Brand Kan Traditionals
Unit Size 60 tablets
Dosage 2-3 tablets, 2-3 times per day
Chinese Symptomology Chronic cough without phlegm. Dry cough with expectoration of blood. Asthma. General Lung Yin vacuity systems (dry throat, four centers Heat, night sweats, feeling of heat in the evening, thin body and extreme tiredness)
Actions Nourishes Lung Yin, strengthens Lung Qi, clears Lung Heat, moistens the Lungs, relieves asthma, stops cough
Pattern Lung Qi and Yin vacuity
Tongue Red without a coat, dry with cracks in the Lung area
Pulse Floating, forceless, may be rapid
Branch Lung
Chinese name Li Fei Tang
English name Li Fei Lung Support, 60 tabs
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Li Fei Lung Support is indicated specifically for Lung Yin vacuity where there is debility of the Lung Qi with Heat and Dryness. This formula is most commonly used for a chronic cough without sputum and chronic shortness of breath with dryness of the throat. In Chinese medical texts, the Lung is compared to a bell, sonorous with a ringing tone when healthy. When diseased, the Lung is like a cracked bell, muffled in tone and without resonance. This prescription is appropriate for those who smoke or have smoked for some period of time when the Heat has dried out the Lung Yin. This formula is also beneficial for the patient who has a chronic cough, tires easily from slight exertion and whose Kidneys are depleted and fail to grasp the Qi (from the Lungs). Li Fei Lung Support formula contains dong chong xia cao (cordyceps) a premier tonic herb which supports both the Yin and the Yang and has been used for centuries to strengthen the Lung Qi as well as the entire body.


bai ji (bletilla root) Yu zhu - Aromatic solomon's seal rhizome; Ce bai ye - Biota twig & leaf; Zhi bai bu - Honey fried stemona root; Wu wei zi - Schisandra fruit; Duan mu li - Oyster shell; Pi pa ye - Loquat leaf; Bai he - Brown's lily bulb; Gan cao - Chinese licorice root; Dong chong xia cao - Cordyceps fruiting body; Ge jie - Gecko

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