Kudzu Releasing Formula, 1 oz

Kudzu Releasing Formula, 1 oz

Kudzu Releasing Formula, 1 oz

SKU KT130-1
Brand Kan Traditionals
Unit Size 1 oz
Contraindications Contraindicated in Wind Cold Exterior deficiency patterns accompanied by sweating.
Chinese Symptomology Chills and fever without sweating; Stiff neck and upper back; Runny nose, Nasal blockage; Sneezing; Itchy eyes; Allergies; Diarrhea; Skin rash; Urticaria; Shingles
Actions Dispels Wind Cold, eases the muscles, relieves pain
Pattern Exterior Wind-Cold attack at the Tai Yang stage
Tongue Thin white coat
Pulse Floating, tight
Branch Lung
Chinese name Ge Gen Tang
English name Kudzu Releasing Formula

Kudzu Releasing Formula is designed for Wind-Cold invasions that block the exterior Tai Yang Channel, causing a stiff neck and shoulders, stuffy nose and chills and fever without sweating. In this pattern the Wind-Cold pathogen becomes lodged between the muscle layer and skin, blocking the circulation of the Defensive Qi from reaching the upper body, creating tension in the upper back and neck. Kudzu Releasing Formula relieves the exterior and generates fluids that are needed to alleviate stiffness and rigidity. This prescription is also used for a combination Tai Yang/Yang Ming disorder with the sudden onset of diarrhea and for treating the transitional stage between an acute and chronic rhinitis or sinusitis.*


Ge gen - Kudzu root;

Gan jiang - Dried ginger rhizome;

Zi su ye - Perilla leaf;

Gui zhi - Chinese cinnamon twig;

Qiang huo - Notopterygium root & rhizome;

Bai shao - White peony root;

Gan cao - Chinese licorice root;

Hei zao - Black jujube fruit

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