Ke Yin Fang (1) Granules, 100g

Ke Yin Fang (1) Granules, 100g

Ke Yin Fang (1) Granules, 100g

Brand Treasure of the East Extract Granule Formulas
Unit Size 100 gram bottle (5:1 extract granules)
Dosage As directed
Potency 5:1 extract granules
Western Symptomology Psoriasis
Pattern Blood-heat and Wind-dryness Psoriasis
Tongue yellow coating
Pulse Taut, slippery or rapid

Also available in Capsules

Chinese name Ke Yin Fang (1) Granules
English name Subprostrata & Smilax Combination Granules

For Psoriasis caused by blood-heat and wind-dryness.*


Smilax glabra Rhizoma (Tu Fu Ling), Curcuma phaeocaulis Rhizome (E Zhu), Dictamnus dasycarpus Bark (Bai Xian Pi), Sophora tonkinensis Root (Shan Dou Gen).

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