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Jing Jie Granules, 100g

Jing Jie Granules, 100g

Jing Jie Granules, 100g

Brand Treasure of the East Single Herb Extract Granules
Unit Size 100 gram bottle (5:1 extract granules)
Dosage As directed
Potency 5:1 extract granules
Taste Acrid, sweet - Bensky
Properties Slightly Warm - Bensky
Contraindications Contraindicated in cases of exuberant fire from yin deficiency, spasms from blood deficiency, or in the absence of pathogenic wind, dampness, or cold. - Bensky
Chinese Symptomology Headache, chills, body aches due to externally-contracted wind-cold; Exterior wind-damp painful obstruction; Trembling of the hands, tetany; Recurrent, painful diarrhea with bright blood in the stool due to Intestinal wind - Bensky
Actions Binds the lower burner in order to secure the essence, contains urination, halts chronic diarrhea. - Bensky
Pattern Insecurity of th essence
Channels Entered Bladder, Kidney, Large Intestine - Bensky
Chinese name Jing Jie Granules
English name Schizonepeta Herb Granules

Harmonious in nature:  aromatic and acrid, but not exceedingly so; slightly warm, but not drying; its light, ascending qualities allow it to be used for both wind-heat and wind-cold, while also for venting wind-heat from the blood.*- Bensky:  Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica


Jing Jie Granules - Schizonepetae Herba

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