Jade Pearl 1 (60 tablets)

Jade Pearl 1 (60 tablets)

Jade Pearl 1 (60 tablets)

SKU KJW114-60
Brand Jade Woman Herbals by Kan
Unit Size 60 tablets
Western Symptomology infertility, PCOS
Actions Tonifes Kidney and Spleen function to resolve Damp, Expels Phlegm Damp Accumulation, Clears Chong and Ren channel obstruction.
Pattern Phlegm Damp Accumulation

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English name Jade Pearl 1 (60 tablets)

The formula aims to resolve Damp and expel Phlegm, support Spleen function, restore the Kidney function and regulate Chong and Ren channels. We want these herbs to dig into the shiny thickened ovarian capsule and provoke some activity in the sluggish or gummed up ovaries. It is also hoped that by antagonizing adrogens with the action of these herbs, we may reverse the follicular atresia. There are a number of different reasons a PCOS patient may seek treatment and your treatment strategy will be different in different circumstances. Commonly it is because she wishes to become pregnant but has been unable to. This is usually because she is ovulating too infrequently rather than because her eggs are of poor quality or issues with her tubes. In this case we want to activate the Chong and Ren channels. The constitution of your patient will determine whether you choose Jade Pear 1 or 2. If becoming pregnant is the primary outcome desired then promoting the release of eggs is our main aim. ...the ovarian reserve of the PCOS patient is usually excellent and all we need to do is encourage the maturation and release of some of these eggs. Electro acupuncture is one of the best tools to achieve this, combined with daily consumption of herbs. Jade Pearl 1 may need to be taken for several months. For these patients a positive pregnancy test is more desirable than a regular cycle and usually easier to achieve. For other PCOS patients, it is the metabolic imbalances and general health concerns that make them seek treatment, such as the difficulty they have losing weight or the condition of their skin. For these women long term administration of herbal medicine combined with lifestyle changes is the appropriate approach. Chinese herbs have been shown to be effective in influencing ovarian activity but not necessarily in reducing insulin resistance. Hence exercise is an important part of the treatment plan. The Jade Pearl formulas can be combined with the use of insulin lowering drugs and ovulation stimulating drugs such as Clomiphene. Prescribe Jade Pearl 1 for 3-6 months (or longer is necessary). If your patient is trying to conceive and menstrual cycles improve in regularity, then combine with Jade Moon Phase treatments. The full dose of Jade Pearl 1 can be taken alongside the full dose of the appropriate Jade Moon Phase formula. Jade Pearl 1 should not be used for too long in Yin deficient patients without the addition of supplementary formulas. This can be the Jade Moon Phase 2 formula or another formula based on Liu Wei di Huang Wan such as Quiet Contemplative (in the Kan Herbals Product Line).*



Pinyin Name

Common Name

Fu ling


Cang zhu

Cang-zhu actractylodes rhizome

Fa ban xia

Pinellia rhizome (licorice cured)

Chen pi

Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit

Zao jiao ci

Gleditsia spine

Bu gu zhi

Psoralea fruit

Yin yang huo

Epimedium herb

Shan yao

Chinese yam rhizome

Dan shen

Chinese salvia root and rhizome

Sha ren

Chinese amomum fruit

Dan nan xing

Arisaema rhizome (prepared)

Zhe bei mu

Zhejiang fritillary bulb

Shu di huang

Rehmannia root (prepared)

Gui zhi

Chinese cinnamon twig

Fo shou

Finger citron fruit

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