Jade Moon Phase 1, Invigorate (8 oz)

Jade Moon Phase 1, Invigorate (8 oz)

Jade Moon Phase 1, Invigorate (8 oz)

SKU KJW108-8
Brand Jade Woman Herbals by Kan
Unit Size 8 fl oz. dropper bottle
Dosage As directed
Potency 7:1
Properties Promotes menses, with Pain
Chinese Symptomology menstrual pain, menses pain, menstrual cramping; stabbing or aching pain in the abdomen or the lower back.
Western Symptomology endometriosis
Actions Invigorates the Blood to resolve Blood stasis and relieve pain; Regulates Qi to resolve Qi stagnation and lead the Blood; Tonifies Kidney, to relieve lower back pain.
Pattern Qi and/or Blood stasis

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English name Jade Moon Phase 1, Invigorate (8 oz)
Description Pain is usually an indication of something stuck and not flowing - the Qi or the Blood or both are obstructed. In this case we need to actually help break up stasis, congealing of Blood or other aspects of stagnation in the uterine lining. We will use this formula if there are any sign that the uterine lining is not coming off smoothly and seamlessly during the period. For example, if there is cramping, stabbing or aching pain the abdomen or the lower back, then we know that movement of Qi or of the Blood is not completely unfettered. We will want to ensure that no stagnation remains which could interfere with the tissue and circulation of the new lining, which will be constructed once the period flow has been discharged. Jade Moon Phase 1, Invigorate addresses all the possible reasons that the blood might not move as easily as we would like. We will use herbs that thin the Blood and relieve clotting, herbs that encourage the Qi to move and hence lead the Blood, herbs to warm the channels and ease the flow through them and herbs to open the cervix and lead the Blood down. By easing the flow, pain should be ameliorated. - Lyttleton

If there are any symptoms or signs of stagnation during the period then this is the correct Phase 1 formula to use. Hindrance to the flow of Qi and Blood most commonly take the form of pain, but if there are other signs, like dark or clotty menstrual flow, or a history of endometriosis or other gynecological disorders related to stagnation, then use of Jade Moon Phase 1, Invigorate is appropriate. ...Jade Moon Phase 1, Invigorate will only be prescribed for a short time with a very specific purpose in mind. It should be taken from Day 1 to 4 of the period (or Day 3 if the period is very short). We aim to not only smoothly remove and restructure the uterine lining during this time but also to expel any stagnation, or the basis for stagnation that could interfere with the new uterine lining which will form in Phase 2. If an attempt to conceive has not been made during the previous cycle or there is a definitive negative pregnancy test, then Phase 1 formulas can be commenced 2 or 3 days before the period and continued throughout the first 3 days of flow. There may be some heavier bleeding as the stagnation is being cleared (sometimes with expulsion of large clots). This action could be tolerated for 2 or 3 cycles providing it is not extreme or debilitating. In the case where menstrual bleeding is excessive or does not abate after a few days this formula can be combined with the formula for heavy periods, Jade Restraint. Signs of stagnation such as a dark or clotty menstrual flow, usually resolve more quickly (along with any accompanying signs of stagnation) then switch to the previous Phase 1 formula, Jade Moon Phase 1 Regulate. If symptoms and signs of stagnation are persistent, consider endometriosis as a possible diagnosis and treat accordingly with Jade Disperse 1 or 2. It is important to emphasize the importance of treatment during this phase to your patient with infertility, especially if there are any signs or symptoms of Blood stasis. Women who have period pain or a history of endometriosis will usually be only too happy to comply. - Lyttleton


Pinyin Name

Common Name

Yan hu suo

Corydalis yanhusuo tuber

Dang gui shen

Dong quai root

Chi shao

Chinese red peony root

Tao ren

Peach seed

Dan shen

Chinese salvia root and rhizome

Pu huang

Bulrush pollen

Zhi xiang fu

Cyperus rhizome (prepared)

Xu duan

Sichuan teasel root

Chuan xiong

Sichuan lovage rhizome

Shan zha

Chinese hawthorn fruit

Chuan niu xi

Cyathula root

Chao gui zhi

Cinnamon twig (dry fried)

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