Imperial Secrets Tea

Imperial Secrets Tea

For millennia, the vast majority of the world’s green tea supply has been grown in China, and generations of cultivation have yielded a stunning variety. While all true tea comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, different varieties are grown in different regions and processed by varying methods to produce a wide range of tastes and styles.  

The color and character of tea changes when it is oxidized, and the broad difference between black and green teas is fundamentally a difference in the degree of oxidation; white and green teas are minimally oxidized while black and pu-er teas are highly oxidized. Oolong teas tend to be partially oxidized.

Imperial Secrets tea comes from some of the finest tea growing regions in China and six of the seven teas listed here  are organic; Keemun Hao Ya A is not.

Dong Fang Mei Ren (Asian Beauty) Oolong Tea

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Grade 1, produced in Anui and Fujian province, Organic Oolong Tea

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