Huang Bai (Lab Tested)

Huang Bai (Lab Tested)

Huang Bai (Lab Tested)

Brand NuHerbs
Unit Size 1 pound
Potency 1:1
Taste Bitter - Bensky
Properties Cold - Bensky
Contraindications Contraindicated in cases of cold from deficiency in the Spleen and Stomach. - Bensky
Chinese Symptomology Thick, yellow vaginal discharge, foul-smelling diarrhea, dysenteric disorder; Red, swollen, and painful knees, legs or feet; Damp-heat jaundice; Steaming bone disorder, night sweats, afternoon fevers, sweating; Sores and damp lesions of the skin. - Bensky
Actions Directs fire downward, clears damp-heat in the lower burner. - bensky
Channels Entered Kidney, Bladder - Bensky

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Chinese name 黄柏
English name Phellodendron Cortex; Amur Cork Tree Bark
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Excerpted from Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed.

  • Drains damp-heat, particularly from the lower burner:  for such problems as thick, yellow vaginal discharge, foul=smelling diarrhea, or dysenteric disorder.  Also for damp-heat pouring downward or hot leg qi with such symptoms as red, swollen, and painful knees, legs, or feet.  Also for damp-heat jaundice*
  • Drains Kidney fire:  for ascending Kidney fire with signs of yin deficiency such as steaming bone disorder, night sweats, afternoon fevers and sweating, sometimes accompained by nocturnal emissions and spermatorrhea*
  • Drains fire and resolves fire toxicity:  for fire toxin-generated sores and damp lesions of the skin*

Huang Bai - Phellodendron Bark

Bi Yan Wan

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