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Hong Hua Granules, Single 2g Packet

Hong Hua Granules, Single 2g Packet

Hong Hua Granules, Single 2g Packet

Brand TCM Zone Single Herb Granule - Single Packet
Unit Size Single 2g Packet
Potency 5:1 extract granules
Taste Acrid - Bensky
Properties Warm - Bensky
Contraindications Contraindicated during pregnancy or where there is any problem related to bleeding, such as hemorragic disease or peptic ulcers. - Bensky
Chinese Symptomology Amenorrhea, abdominal pain, postpartum dizziness, retained lochina, and abdominal masses. Trauma, nonsuppurative sores, carbuncles, dark/pruplish erythema. - Bensky
Actions Invigorates the blood, stops pain - Bensky
Pattern Blood stasis
Channels Entered Heart, Liver
Chinese name Hong Hua Granules
English name Carthamus Granules

Excerpted from Bensky:  Chinese Herbal Medcine Materia Medica

  • Invigorates the blood, dispels stasis, and unblocks menstruation:  for a wide variety of problems due to blood stasis.  Because it is particularly effective in unblocking the menses, in women it is used for blood stasis patterns with amenorrhea, abdominal pain, postpartum dizziness, retained lochia, and abdomibnal masses.  Other uses include trauma, nonsuppurative sores, carbuncles, and dark pruplish erythema.  Also for incomplete expression of the rash of measles or painful obstruction of the chest due to blood stasis.*

Hong Hua - Carthamus

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