Brand Pacific Biologic
Unit Size 120 Capsules
Dosage Start by taking 2-3 capsules in the morning and evening for the first three months. Reduce dosage by taking 2 capsules in the morning and evening. This program should continue for at least 3 years.
Western Symptomology Hepatitis C
Actions Tonifies Spleen Qi; Tonifies Blood and Jing; Clears toxic dampness and heat; Circulates Blood; Regulates Qi
Pattern Dampness and Heat

Specific formulation for hepatitis C.*


Huang Qi - Astragalus;

Yin Chen Hao - Artemisia;

Zhi Ke - Citrus Aurantium;

Dang Shen - Codonopsis;

Guan Zhong - Dryopteris;

Bai Hua She She Cao - Heydyotidid;

Gou Qi Zi - Lycium;

Hou Po - Magnolia;

Chi Shao - Peony;

Hu Zhang - Polygonum cuspidatum;

He Shou Wu - Polygonum multiflorum;

Zhu Ling - Polyporum;

Hong Jing Tian - Rhodiola;

Dan Shen - Salvia

Ban Zhi Lian - Scutellaria barbata

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