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Brand Griffo Botanicals
Unit Size 60ml
Dosage This tincture can be administered at any time. A standard dose is 1 tsp 2x/day. In acute cases, dosage may be increased up to 2 tsp 2x/day. In chronic cases, the dose may be reduced to 1 tsp 1x/day.
Potency 7:1
Actions Spreads Liver qi, strengthens the spleen, expels dampness, stops diarrhea
CAUTION Use caution for those with diarrhea due to deficiency or constipation.
Chinese name Tong Xie Yao Fang
English name Formula for Painful Diarrhea

This is a modified version of Tong Xie Yao Fang. Formula for Painful Diarrhea.

Harmonia is the Latin for the English word Harmony. 


Bai Shao, Bai Zhu,  Chen Pi, Fang Feng, Fu Ling, Mu Xiang, Shan Zha, Shen Qu, Xiang Fu, Zhi Ke, Gan Cao.

Peony root, Atractylodes rhizome, Tangerine peel, Siler root, Poria, Aucklandia root, Hawthorn Fruit, Medicated Leaven, Cyperus rhizome, Bitter orange fruit, Licorice root


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