Gardenia 7

Gardenia 7

Gardenia 7

Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 100 tablets (crude herbs are powdered, then formed)
Chinese Symptomology HoarsenessDifficulty swallowing or speakingClearing the throat due to nasal drainage
Western Symptomology LaryngitisPharyngitisTonsillitisEsophageal damage due to acid reflux or secondary to radiation therapy
Actions Soothe the throat and esophagusClear heat

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English name Gardenia 7
Description This formula is based on an analysis of traditional formulas and modern prescriptions for throat and voice disorders. While many of the ancient herb combinations were clearly designed for infection-type problems, incorporating several herbs for clearing heat and toxin, a considerable amount of effort has been put into treating a broader range of disorders that might include non-infection inflammation, phlegm accumulation, dryness, and irritation. Gardenia was selected as the lead herb because it can gently and slowly direct heat downwards from the upper burner. Platycodon and licorice (together forming Jiegeng Tang) were used traditionally to soothe tonsil inflammation and sore throat. The combination of platycodon, licorice, terminalia, and mentha are used in many modern formulas for vocal disorders, and are ingredients of the traditional "Gasping Formula" (Xiang Sheng Podi Wan), which is used for hoarseness from overuse of the voice (such as extended speaking, singing, or shouting). Gardenia 7 has a cooling and moistening nature, improving the flow of the mucus and reducing inflammation of the throat surface. One can additionally consume teas that will directly coat the throat, mainly luohanguo (momordica tea), licorice tea, sterculia tea, or peppermint (mentha) tea. In modern pharmacy, the combination of mentha and licorice represents a recognized therapy for throat problems.

Zhi Zi (gardenia) 30% Jie Geng (platycodon) 15% Gan Cao (licorice) 15% He Zi (terminalia) 10% Bo He (mentha) 10% Sheng Di (rehmannia) 10% Niu Bang Zi (arctium) 10%

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