Eucommia 18, 250 tablets

Eucommia 18, 250 tablets

Eucommia 18, 250 tablets

SKU SF146-250
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 250 tablets (crude herbs are powdered and an additional extract of eucommia is added; the mixture is then formed)
Chinese Symptomology Yang deficiency syndromes, including low back ache, weakness of legs, chilly sensation, low sex drive, impaired immune functions
Western Symptomology Osteoporosis
Actions Tonify yangStrengthen bonesNourish blood

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English name Eucommia 18, 250 tablets
Description Eucommia 18 represents a broad-based treatment for yang deficiency syndrome. The formula is a derivative of the traditional formula Yougui Wan (Pill of Right Restoration) and several patent remedies for yang deficiency, such as Duzhong Butian Su (Eucommia Tonify Heaven Extract) and Gejie Dabu Wan (Gecko Great Tonifying Pill). In common with the therapeutic approach of these formulas, there are multiple herbs having overlapping properties, mainly nourishing and tonifying the kidney. Eucommia 18 includes 6 yang tonic herbs: eucommia, morinda, dipsacus, cistanche, drynaria, and epimedium. As a balance, it includes a small amount of three yin nourishing herbs: rehmannia, lycium fruit, and ligustrum. There are some herbs to benefit the spleen: ginseng, atractylodes, hoelen, and astragalus. They help produce blood and essence by extracting the qi from food. The blood is nourished and circulated by achyranthes and tang-kuei. While some yang tonic formulas may be considered invigorating (e.g., Man\'s Treasure, Gecko-A) or warming (e.g., Dry Ginger Tablets, Drynaria 12), this one is better suited for long-term treatment of yang deficiency, providing a harmonious and broad-based tonic action that is gentle in nature. In cases where the symptoms of yang deficiency are substantial, one might begin therapy with a smaller kidney tonic prescription, such as Epimedium 8 or Drynaria 12, and then follow-up with Eucommia 18 for several months.
Ingredients Du Zhong (eucommia) 10% Bai Ji Tian (morinda) 7% Xu Duan (dipsacus) 7% Rou Cong Rong (cistanche) 7% Gu Sui Bu (drynaria) 6% Niu Xi (achyranthes) 6% Shu Di (rehmannia) 6% Shan Zhu Yu (cornus) 5% Yin Yang Huo (epimedium) 5% Lu Lu Tong (liquidambar) 5% Gou Qi Zi (lycium fruit) 5% Shan Yao (dioscorea) 5% Ren Shen (ginseng) 5% Nu Zhen Zi (ligustrum) 5% Dang Gui (tang-kuei) 5% Bai Zhu (atractylodes) 4% Huang Qi (astragalus) 4% Fu Ling (hoelen) 3%

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