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Er Cha

Er Cha

Er Cha

Brand NuHerbs
Unit Size 1 pound
Dosage 1-3 grms in pills and powders; if used in decoctions, it should be placed in a separate cheesecloth bag.
Taste Bitter; Astringent
Properties Slightly Cold
Chinese Symptomology Sores that are filled with purulent fluid;Chronic non-healing sores;Sores of the oral cavity;Syphilitic sores;Bleeding due to external trauma;Vomiting blood;Bloody stool;irregular uterine bleeding;diarrhea;Cough due to Lung heat;Thirst due to summerheat;bloody diarrhea;Dysenteric disorders
Actions Drains dampness and absorbs seepage; Stops bleeding; Clears the Lungs, transforms phlegm, generates fluids, and stops diarrhea.
Pattern Dampness; Bleeding due to external trauma; Lung heat; Summerheat
Branch Lung

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Chinese name Er Cha
English name Black Cutch; Catechu; Cutch

externally: restrains dampness, closes non-healing sores, moderates pain, stops bleeding; Internally (now rare): clears upper burner heat, transforms phlegm, generates fluids.*


Er Cha - Catechu, Gambir

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