Electro/Ultrasound Therapy & Accessories

Category includes: TENS, MICRO-CURRENT, AND EMS UNITS. Do not use any electro-therapy device for the following: on patients with cardiac pacemakers of any type, over the carotid sinus area, near or around the eyes, near or around the heart, transcerebrally, transthoracically, to remove pain syndromes until etiology has been established, on pregnant women, over or near a known or suspected malignancy, on patients who have skin diseases, on patients who have implants of any electrical nature, and on patients with cardiac disease.

More Information on Electrical Stimulation Devices

Self-Biasing Point Finder


Designed for accuracy and simplicity of use.

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Sensor Probe

SKU: OS461
Unit Size: 7" long x 0.5" Handle x 0.3" dia conductive tips

Used with TENS lead wire with 2 mm push pins

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Small Alligator Clip / Wire with Rectangle Plug

Unit Size: 1 Cord

Small Alligator clip wire for KWD-808 I (1) and KWD-808 III (3) - these cords will not fit on KWD-808 II (2) or older models of the KWD-808 I (1). If you are unsure what you have, please email us an image of the female plug hole on your machine.


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