Ease Strain, 8 oz.

Ease Strain, 8 oz.

Ease Strain, 8 oz.

SKU SS105-8
Brand Sage Solutions by Kan Herb Company
Unit Size 8 fl oz
Potency 7:1
Actions The therapeutic principles in this prescription include quieting and mooring the Mind (Shen), transforming Phlegm, clearing Heat, extinguishing Wind, countering spasms, repressing Yang, eliminating Toxins, and replenishing Yin (Blood and Moisture).
Pattern Disturbed Shen; Phlegm obstruction; Heat; Wind; Yin deficiency; Yang exuberance
CAUTION Caution with concurrent use of recreational drugs and/or stimulants, as well as prescription antidepressants, tranquilizers, sleep aids, opiate analgesics or anti-seizure medications.
English name Ease Strain
Description These herbs transform Phlegm, clear Heat, extinguish Internal Wind, subdue Yang (uprising of Liver Fire), eliminate Du and replenish Yin (Blood and Moisture). By harmonizing the five Organ Networks and faculties of consciousness (Kidney-Zhi, Liver-Hun, Heart-Shen, Spleen-Yi, Lung-Po), this formula anchors the mind, relieving occasional feelings of uneasiness, gloominess and bewilderment.*

Pinyin Name

Common Name

Guan ye jin si tao

St. John's Wort herb

Shi jue ming

Abalone shell

Dan nan xing

Bile prepared arisaema rhizome

Gou teng

Gambir stem branch and twig

Yin chen hao

Capillaris herb

Wu wei zi

Schisandra fruit

Jiu jie chang pu

Altaica rhizome

Yuan zhi

Polygala root

He huan pi

Silk tree bark

Chao suan zao ren

Dry fried sour jujube seed

Ye jiao teng

Polygonum multiflorum stem

Fa ban xia

Licorice cured pinellia rhizome

Chuan bei mu

Sichuan fritillary bulb

Bai shao

White peony root

Zhi zi

Gardenia fruit

Qian hu

Peucedanum root

Chao zhi shi

Dry fried bitter orange immature fruit

Chuan xiong

Sichuan lovage rhizome

Bai he

Lily bulb

Mai men dong

Ophiopogon tuber

Hu po

Amber resin

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