Early Comfort, (2 oz)

Early Comfort, (2 oz)

Early Comfort, (2 oz)

SKU K105-2
Brand Kan Herbals
Unit Size 2 fl oz
Dosage 10-20 drops, 2-3 times per day
Potency 8:1
Chinese Symptomology Headache, achiness, chills. Bloating, pervasive nausea, aversion to food, loss of taste, dull abdominal pain, cramping, body heaviness, vomiting and diarrhea. Gastrointestinal flu, reaction to spoiled food or water while traveling. Early Comfort can be used as protection against dysenteric complaints.
Actions Transforms Dampness and resolves the exterior, harmonizes the Middle Burner
Pattern Internal Damp depression with external invasion of Wind Cold
Tongue Pale with thick, greasy white or yellow coating, teethmarks, swollen
Pulse Soggy, moderate, slippery
Chinese name huo xiang zheng qi san
English name Early Comfort
Description Transforms Dampness and resolves the exterior, harmonizes the Middle Burner*


Pinyin Name

Common Name

Guang huo xiang

Patchouli herb

Zi su ye

Perilla leaf

Chen pi

Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit

Bai zhu

White atractylodes rhizome

Hou po

Magnolia bark

Jiang ban xia

Ginger cured pinellia rhizome

Fu ling


Bai zhi

Fragrant angelica root

Mu xiang

Saussurea root

Gan jiang

Ginger rhizome

Chao mai ya

Dry fried barley sprout

Shen qu

Medicated leaven (wheat, apricot seed)

Tummy Qi

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Ba Zhen Tang

SKU: BP500
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