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Da Qing Ye Granules, Box of 40 Packets (2g each)

Da Qing Ye Granules, Box of 40 Packets (2g each)

Da Qing Ye Granules, Box of 40 Packets (2g each)

Brand TCM Zone Single Herb Granule - Box of Packets
Unit Size Box of 40 Packets (2g each)
Potency 5:1 extract granules
Taste Bitter; Salty
Properties Very Cold
Contraindications Contraindicated in cases of cold from deficiency of the Spleen and Stomach.
Chinese Symptomology Warm-heat pathogenic disease;Epidemic febrile outbreak;Fire toxin;Mouth Ulcers;Throat painful obstruction;Maculae or other skin eruptions due to heat in the blood;Intense fever;Irritability;Changes in consciousness
Actions Clears heat and resolves fire toxicity; Cools the blood and dissipates maculae
Pattern Warm-heat pathogen disease; Epidemic febrile outbreak; Fire Toxin; Heat in the Blood
Branch Heart; Lung; Stomach
Chinese name Da Qing Ye
English name Isatis Leaf; Woad Leaf

Strongly cools heat toxin or pathogenic heat in both the qi and blood levels.*


Da Qing Ye - Isatis Leaf

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