.20x13mm - DBC Detox Acupuncture Needle

.20x13mm - DBC Detox Acupuncture Needle
DBC Detox Needle image DBC Detox Needle Box image

.20x13mm - DBC Detox Acupuncture Needle

Brand DBC Detox Acupuncture Needle
Unit Size 500 Needles per Box
Silicone Coating yes

This new sterile, DBC needle is 13mm in length with a highly visible plastic orange handle. Suitable for general and facial acupuncture, this needle is also great for those using the NADA protocol. The bright orange 25mm handle makes this needle easy to locate during removal or if dropped on the floor. Manufactured in an automated facility, this needle features consistency and quality unrivaled by other needles in the market.

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