Cranio-Sacral Integration: Foundation

Cranio-Sacral Integration:  Foundation

Cranio-Sacral Integration: Foundation

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Properties 2012, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-84819-098-6
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Cranio-Sacral Integration


Thomas Attlee

This foundation volume presents a unique integration of the wide spectrum of approaches to Cranio-Sacral Therapy, providing practitioners and students with a broad and authoritative understanding of the discipline. The author covers the fundamentals of theory as well as the practical skills and techniques needed to carry out Cranio-Sacral work, and the book also includes detailed instructions for treatments, all of which are clearly explained in extensive case histories, photographs and illustrations.

Based upon the syllabus of the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in London, UK, this is an unparalleled resource for practitioners of Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Cranial Osteopathy, and an essential reference for students.


Section I: Introduction - Setting the Scene. 1. Amy. 2. The Source of Life. 3. A Fundamental Platform. 4. Cranio-Sacral Integration. 5. The Matrix. 6. Living in the Material World. 7. Cranio-Sacral Motion. 8. Treatment. 9. Stimulus. 10. Responses to Treatment. 11. To Treat or not to Treat. Interlude. Summary - Key Elements in Cranio-Sacral Integration. Section II: Essential Concepts. 12. Pigs, Elephants and Snakes. 13. Fluid Analogies. 14. Fulcrums. 15. Calm Quiet Presence. 16. Stillness. Section III: A Framework for Integrated Treatment - Basic Skills. 17. A Framework for Integrated Treatment - Introduction. 18. Tuning In. 19. Tuning In 2. 20. Settling, Grounding, Opening Up the System. 21. Subocciput and Suboccipital Release. 22. Core Treatment. Interlude 2: Key Elements in the Overall Approach. 23. Core Contacts. 24. The Spine. 25. The Occiput and Spine. 26. The Sacrum and Spine. 27. The Sphenoid. 28. The Temporal Area. 29. The Frontal Area. 30. The Parietal Area. 31. The Falx Cerebri and Falx Contact. 32. Completion. 33. Still Point. 34. An Integrated Treatment Framework - Practice. Section IV: Further Concepts. 35. The Return of Rhythmic Motion. 36. Biodynamics, Biomechanics, and the Quantum Model. 37. Keep Breathing. Section V: Fascial Unwinding. 38. Fascia. 39. Evaluation of the Fascia. 40. Fascial Unwinding within the Trunk. 41. Fascial Unwinding of the Arm. 42. Fascial Unwinding of the Leg. 43. Fascial Unwinding of the Neck. 44. Key Factors in Fascial Unwinding. Section VI: Spheno-Basilar Patterns. 45. Scales and Arpeggios. 46. Opus 27 Number 2 - Spheno-Basilar Integration. Section Seven: The Nervous System. Spinal Mechanics. Cranio-Sacral Integration of the Nervous System and Spinal Mechanics through the Sacrum and Double Contacts. 47. The Nervous System - The Basics. 48. The Nervous System Part 2 - Cranio-Sacral Relations. 49. The Autonomic Nervous System. 50. Double Contacts with the Sacrum. 51. Facilitated Segments and T4 Syndrome. 52. Autonomic Nervous System Integration. Section VIII: Further Contacts and Concepts. 53. The Throat. 54. Energy Drive. 55. The Emotional Body. 56. Personal Development. 57. Further Contacts. 58. Diagnosis. Section IX: An Integrated Treatment Approach. 59. An Integrated Treatment Approach. Section X: Conclusion. 60. Cranio-Sacral Integration - Summary. Index.

Author information

Thomas Attlee is the founder and principal of the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in Primrose Hill, London, the first, the largest and the most established college of its kind in Europe. He graduated from the European School of Osteopathy, and taught Anatomy and Physiology at the International College of Oriental Medicine for seven years, and has a broad experience of many different therapies, meditation techniques and psycho-therapeutic approaches, all of which inform his teaching and writing. He has been teaching internationally and practicing Cranio-Sacral Therapy for over twenty-five years. He lives in London, UK.

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