Cord Tablets, 250 tablets

Cord Tablets, 250 tablets

Cord Tablets, 250 tablets

SKU SF135-250
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 250 tablets (crude herbs are powdered, with astragalus extract added, then formed)
Chinese Symptomology Spinal cord disordersBone marrow disordersVertebral damage
Western Symptomology ALSMultiple sclerosisTraumatic paraplegia
Actions Nourish the governing vesselSupplement kidney essenceBenefit marrow

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English name Cord Tablets, 250 tablets
Description This formula is derived from several modern Chinese clinical prescriptions given to nourish the essence, with a focus on deficiency disorders of the bone marrow, spinal cord, spinal column, and brain. The prescriptions have, as common ingredients, the gelatins from tortoise shell and deer antler, and other kidney tonics, mainly rehmannia, eucommia, cuscuta, and dipsacus. Qi tonics, such as astragalus and atractylodes, are frequently included to promote the normal qi and thereby improve the organ functions. In ancient times, tiger bones, or other bones, were included to focus the effect on this part of the body; here, dragon bone (fossilized bone) is utilized. The formulas described in the literature for specific diseases affecting these body parts may have additional herbs for calming wind, clearing heat, or vitalizing blood, which would be addressed by adding a second tablet formula when using Cord Tablets. According to the Chinese concept, the kidney organ system and its essence are the source of these body parts (that is, in the embryological development of the body from the ancient Chinese viewpoint, the kidney gives rise to the marrow, spinal cord, and brain), and the kidney essence deficiency is also the source of their defects in form or function, as occurs with genetic disorders, autoimmune disorders, or sudden deterioration of unknown cause. In particular, disorders of development in infants and children, and disorders that appear in older age (e.g., past age 48) and progress rapidly, are usually attributed to deficiency of kidney essence, either directly or as a basis for the susceptibility to these types of disorders. For additional antler, add Antler 8, Gecko-A (for stronger yang tonification), or Pantosterone (White Tiger).
Ingredients Long Gu (dragon bone) 14% Lu Rong (deer antler) 14% Gui Ban (tortoise shell) 14% Du Zhong (eucommia) 14% Xu Duan (dipsacus) 10% Tu Si Zi (cuscuta) 10% Shu Di (rehmannia) 10% Huang Qi (astragalus (e)) 7% Bai Zhu (atractylodes) 7%

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