Consolidate Qi, 2oz

Consolidate Qi, 2oz

Consolidate Qi, 2oz

SKU CMS103-2
Brand Chinese Modular Solutions by Kan Herb Company
Unit Size 2 fl oz
Potency 7:1
Properties Supports regular, healthy elimination. Supports healthy digestion.
Contraindications Use with caution with difficult urination.
Actions Tightens the "web" (channels and collaterals) of Qi, counters "scattering" and "leaking" of Qi, bolsters Defense (Wei) Qi.

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Consolidate Qi "tightens the weave" of the organism, as if changing cheesecloth to silk. By helping the Lung, Spleen and Kidney to restrain and contain the Qi, it restores the patency of the membranes - the skin and the gut - that mediate the passage of substances from the outside, in and the inside, out. Indications: Occasional diarrhea. Perspires easily, especially after eating or physical exertion. Temporary nausea associated with weak digestion and a sensation of emptiness in the stomach or intestines. Occasional fecal incontinence. Weakness or dizziness after a bowel movement. Supports the muscles of the rectum, bladder, intestines and stomach.


Pin Yin Herb

Common Name

Huang qi

Astragalus root

Lian zi

Lotus seed

Qian shi

Euryale seed

Bai zhu

White atractylodes rhizome

Fang feng

Siler root

Shan yao

Chinese yam rhizome

Rou dou kou

Nutmeg seed

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