Chuan Wu (Zhi) Single Herb Extract, 100g

Chuan Wu (Zhi) Single Herb Extract, 100g

Chuan Wu (Zhi) Single Herb Extract, 100g

Brand Classical Pearls - Single Herb Extracts
Unit Size 100 Grams
Potency 5:1

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Chinese name Chuan Wu (Zhi) / Wu Tou

Traditional Growing Location: Jiangyou in Sichuan (China)

Traditional Preparation: Wild-crafted seedlings are planted at the winter solstice and harvested at the summer solstice. Hand-peeled, soaked and rinsed multiple times to remove 100% of the natural brining agents, pressure steamed; no application of commonly used chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and sulphur.

Excipient: Shanyao (Dioscorea Rhizome) Powder

Ingredients Aconitum carmichaelii (mother root), cured
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