Chinese Modular Solutions by Kan Herb Company

Chinese Modular Solutions by Kan Herb Company

Tablets: 7:1 Potency / 750mg / Various sizes

Liquid: 7:1 Potency / Various sizes

Chinese Modular Solutions imaginatively distills the practice of traditional herbal medicine into an integrated repertoire of basic formulas. This enables practitioners to create personalized prescriptions in a form that is easy to use. A self-contained system, Modular Solutions is simple enough to be used with confidence, while versatile enough to be widely applicable. Formulas may be used alone or combined to create more complex prescriptions. Chinese Modular Solutions combines "the best of two worlds." It is as convenient and palatable as patent medicines, yet allows the practitioner to be responsive to unique patient needs. It is ideal for the modern patient who does not have time for bitter medicinal home-brewed teas or complicated formula regimens. Chinese Modular Solutions allows dysfunctions to be viewed through four frames of reference and treated by four sets of formulas, alone or in combination.

These formulas: Regulate by adjusting the quantity, quality, and distribution of body constituents Eliminate by purging pathological conditions and dislodging obstructed Qi, Moisture or Blood Strengthen by enhancing the function of individual Organ Networks Harmonize by rebalancing key Organ Network interactions

Consolidate Moisture, 2oz (EXPIRES 03-2022)

Unit Size: 2 oz

Consolidate Moisture astringes the Spleen (digestive secretions), the Lung (secretions from skin, bronchial and large intestine membranes), and Kidney (discharges from urethra and anus).

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