Chinese Medical Palmistry

Chinese Medical Palmistry

Chinese Medical Palmistry

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English name Chinese Medical Palmistry
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This book is an introduction to Chinese medical diagnosis through inspecting the hands in general and the fingernails in particular. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that every part of the body is a hologram. This means that there is a map of the entire body on each part of the body and that changes in one area of the body can indicate disease processes in another area of the body. This book begins with a brief history of Chinese medical palmistry. This is followed by two books. Book one discusses the basic anatomy of the hand and then the indications of various shapes of the hands, fingers, fingernails, palm, and mounds and lines on the palm. Book one ends with a discussion of chronology and the palm, i.e., when things did or will happen. Book two discusses one particular theory about diagnosis based on examining just the fingernails. Various qi and blood signs are explained and then these are correlated with the ten fingernails and their indications. Book two ends with a discussion of specific diseases and their manifestations in the fingernails. In addition, there are two appendices. Appendix one discusses how to make palm prints, while appendix two discusses the eight trigrams and Chinese palmistry. There is general index which makes this book even easier to use, especially for busy clinicians.

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ISBN: 0-936185-64-3

AUTHOR: Xiao-fan Zong & Gary Liscum

EDITOR: Bob Flaws 

205 pages, Paperback

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