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Swarovski Crystal Ear Pellets (Chakra Colored)

Swarovski Crystal Ear Pellets (Chakra Colored)

Swarovski Crystal Ear Pellets (Chakra Colored)

Unit Size 60 Seeds with clear tape, gold tweezer + bonus ear chart
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This kit includes 60 pellets in an assortment of 10 gorgeous crystal colors to match the 7 chakras of the body. Also included with the kit is a chart giving a brief overview of each chakra and an affirmation to speak or reflect upon as you apply the seeds.

A wonderful addition to your holistic, modern-chic lifestyle.

Our Swarovski Crystal embellished gold pellets can be used in conjunction with our condition-specific ear chart kits to make a sophisticated yet holistic, fashion-forward statement.

Experience the benefits of auriculotherapy with the beauty and sophistication of Swarovski.

Also includes a Stainless steel gold colored tweezer + bonus ear chart with points related to balance and well-being.

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