Cao Dou Kou

Cao Dou Kou

Cao Dou Kou

Brand Asia Naturals Raw Herbs
Unit Size 1 pound
Dosage 3 - 6 grams
Taste Acrid
Properties Warm; Aromatic
Contraindications Yin or Blood Deficiency
Chinese Symptomology Cold-Dampness of the Spleen and Stomach with fullness, distention, and pain in the epigastrium and abdomen accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea;
Western Symptomology Stomach Distention; Epigastric Pain; Abdominal Pain; Vomiting; Diarrhea;
Actions Dries dampness and warms the middle
Branch Spleen; Stomach

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Chinese name Cao Dou Kou
English name Katsumada's Galangal Seeds; Katsumadai; Alpinia Katsumadai
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Cao Dou Cao


Cao Dou Kou - Katsumada's Galangal Seed

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