Bupleurum and Pueraria Decoction, 8oz

Bupleurum and Pueraria Decoction, 8oz

Bupleurum and Pueraria Decoction, 8oz

Brand Alembic Herbals by Kan
Unit Size 8 fl oz. bottle
Dosage As directed
Potency 7:1
Chinese Symptomology Occasional aversion to cold, body and fatigue from Wind Cold Damp contraction. Occasional small amount of sweating, sore eyes, dryness of the nose and throat. Occasional discomfort associated with extreme temperature shifts during seasonal changes.
Pattern Exterior patterns affecting all three Yang channels (Shan Han Lun); an unresolved Tai Yang Wind Cold depresses and forms Heat, which is gradually passed to the Yang Ming and Shao Yang channels, affecting the flesh and muscles due to Wind Cold Damp contraction.
Tongue Thin yellow coating or mixed yellow-white coating
Pulse Floating and surging
Chinese name Chai ge jie ji tang (Modified)
English name Bupleurum and Pueraria Decoction
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"Because the evil is lodging in the flesh and muscles, but is still blocking the cou li/interstices, there is still mild aversion to cold without sweating. By outthrusting wind-cold from the exterior, heat from the yang ming channel, and harmonizing the shao yang channel concurrently, Modified Bupleurum and Pueraria Decoction can treat a wide variety of seasonal pathogens that result in flu epidemics in unusual spells of hot or cold weather, or at changes (from winter to spring, summer to fall, for example)."* --Z'ev Rosenberg: Clinical Guide for Practitioners. "The treatment strategy is focused on resolving the exterior with coolness and acridity while clearing interior heat. Chai Hu (Bupleurum) and Ge Gen (Kudzu) resolves the flesh and muscle layer and clear heat, so they are the sovereigns. Because Chai hu courses the inhibited qi dynamic, it helps depressive heat be discharged to the outer body. Qiang Huo (Notopterygium) and Bai Zhi (Fragrant angelica) diffuse exterior evils and relieve headache by opening the yang channels in the head and neck region. Huang qin (Chinese skullcap root) and Sheng shi gao (Gypsum) clear interior heat from the stomach, lung and gallbladder channels, clearing both yang ming and shao yang channels. All of these are ministers in the prescription. Bai zhi and Gan Cao (Chinese licorice) constrain yin and harmonize ying/construction to prevent excessive coursing of yang qi with warm acrid ingredients from damaging yin. Jie geng (Platycodon) diffuses lung qi, while Gan jiang (Dried ginger) and Hei zao (Black jujube) harmonize construction and defense, in addition to supplementing the spleen and stomach. These medicinals are all assistants. Gan cao also harmonizes all the other medicinals, so it is considered to be a courier as well. Ge gen, Bai zhi, and Sheng shi gao clear and outthrust yang ming/evil heat. Chai hu and Huang qin resolve evil heat in the shao yang, while Qiang huo dissipates wind-cold from the tai yang channel. Thus, all three channels are treated simultaneously. This versatility and flexibility of the formula's ingredients make it ideal for a wide range of wind/cold attacks as the transform to heat over time." - Rosenberg


Pinyin Name

Common Name

Sheng shi gao


Ge gen

Kudzu root

Huang qin

Chinese skullcap root

Chai hu

Bupleurum root

Gan jiang

Dried ginger rhizome

Qiang huo

Notopterygium root and rhizome

Jie geng

Platycodon root

Gan cao

Chinese licorice root and rhizome

Bai zhi

Fragrant angelica root

Hei zao

Black jujube fruit

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