Bu Shen Jian Shen Tang Capsules

Bu Shen Jian Shen Tang Capsules

Bu Shen Jian Shen Tang Capsules

Brand Treasure of the East Capsules
Unit Size 100 capsules
Potency 500mg of 5:1 extract per capsule
Chinese Symptomology Dizziness; Tinnitus; Soreness in the loins and weakness of legs; Blurred vision; Palpitation; Impotence; Spermatorrhea; Fatigue
Actions Supplements the Kidney
Pattern Kidney deficiency
Branch Kidney
Chinese name Bu Shen Jian Shen Tang Capsules
English name Ligustrum Combination Capsules

This formula is designed to treat Kidney deficiency.*


Yin Yang Huo - Epimedium brevicornum Herb;

Jin Ying Zi - Rosa laevigata Fruit;

Jin Gou Ji - Cibotium barometz Rhizome;

Tu Si Zi - Cuscuta chinensis Seed;

Nu Zhen Zi - Ligustrum lucidum Fruit

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