Blue Cypress Essential Oil

Blue Cypress Essential Oil

Blue Cypress Essential Oil

Brand Snow Lotus Essential Oils
Unit Size 5 ml bottle
English name Blue Cypress Essential Oil
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Fragrance profile: A unique, refined sweet woody oil with satisfying mild rooty, earthy base notes and a gorgeous cobalt blue color

Psychological function: Calming and centering, Blue cypress can help with loss of grounding, mental hyperactivity or just spaceyness, This oil is also useful for feelings of insecurity, emotional lability and lack of inner endurance.

Topical use: Very soothing, calming, cooling and antimicrobial to the skin: especially for skin conditions with redness, irritation, itching and pain, including burns, eczema, hives, injuries, etc. Blue cypress can also be highly effective for warts and other viral rashes when other oils fail.


Botanical name: Callitris intratropica
Plant part: The heartwood
Origin: Australia
Production: Ethically and sustainably wild harvested
Extraction: Steam distillation

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