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Bei Mu (Chuan) Granules, Single 2g Packet

Bei Mu (Chuan) Granules, Single 2g Packet

Bei Mu (Chuan) Granules, Single 2g Packet

Brand TCM Zone Single Herb Granule - Single Packet
Unit Size Single 2g Packet
Dosage As directed
Potency 5:1 extract granules
Taste bitter, sweeet
Properties slightly cold
Contraindications Unsuitable for problems associated with cold-phlegm or damp-phlegm
Chinese Symptomology Chronic cough;Cough with signs of fire due to yin deficiency;Cough with slight sputum that is difficult to expectorate;Cough with blood-streaked sputum;Nodules, sores, swellings, scrofula, and Lung or breast abscess
Actions Cools, moistens, directs the Lung qi and Heart fire downward to transform phlegm, alleviate cough, relieve constraint, and disperse clumped phlegm-heat.
Pattern Cough;Phlegm-fire collecting and producing nodules
Branch Heart, Lung
Chinese name Bei Mu (Chuan) Granules
English name Fritillaria Bulbus

Fritillariae cirrhosae Bulbus (chuan bei mu) cools and transforms phlegm-heat, stops coughs, and disperses clumps, while also moistening the Lungs. It is commonly indicated for dry heat in the Lungs with a nonproductive cough. However, it also directs Heart fire downward and thus treats constraint. --Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed.


Bei Mu (Chuan) - Sichuan Fritillaria Bulb

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