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Balanceuticals Professional Strength

Balanceuticals Professional Strength

Time-honored formulas contributing to the well-being of the Chinese nation; Improved formulas backed up with modern research; Screened by specialists at China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine for safety and effectiveness; Research summary with formulation principles, pharmacological analysis, toxicity studies and clinical reports available.

The Three Color Scheme on Labels: There are three principal colors used for the labels. Green color formulas are meant for long term use as general maintenance. They help support the immune system, promote biological functions of different systems or tonify. Reddish brown formulas are designed for special health concerns and are used when necessary. The blue color formulas are somewhat in between.

Ovary & Uterus Clean (expires 10-31-2020)

Unit Size: 60 capsules

Promote healthy ovary and uterus and their proper functions.*

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