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Bai Xian Pi Granules, 100g

Bai Xian Pi Granules, 100g

Bai Xian Pi Granules, 100g

Brand BioEssence Granules
Unit Size 100 grams
Potency 5:1 extract granules
Taste Bitter - Bensky
Properties Cold - Bensky
Contraindications Use with caution in patients with poor liver function
Chinese Symptomology Heat; Fire Toxicity; Wind; Dampness; Damp-heat
Western Symptomology Sores; Carbuncles; Rashes; Jaundice; Itching; Vaginal pruritis with discharge
Actions Expels damp-heat accumulated in the blood vessels of the muscles and flesh, leads damp-heat out through the urine; stops itching, clears sores, relieves painful obstruction
Pattern Wind-heat or damp-heat sores - Bensky
Channels Entered Spleen, Stomach - Bensky
Chinese name Bai Xian Pi
English name Dictamnus Root Bark; Cortex of Chinese Dittany Root

Excerpted from Bensky:  Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed

  • Clears heat, resolves fire toxicity, expels wind, and dries dampness:  for wind-heat or damp-heat sores, carbuncles, and rashes.  These are characterized by much pus or leaking of a yellow fluid, moist skin, and pruritis.  Also used (only in combination) for damp-heat jaundice or painful obstruction.*
  • Clears damp-heat, stops itching:  for vaginal pruritis with discharge.*

Bai Xian Pi - Dictamnus Radix et Cortex

Gou Qi Zi, Certified Organic

Brand: NuHerbs
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