Astra Diet Tea (Caffeine Free Herbal Supplement)

Astra Diet Tea (Caffeine Free Herbal Supplement)

Astra Diet Tea (Caffeine Free Herbal Supplement)

Brand Health Concerns
Unit Size 16 teabags, net wt. 1.13 oz, 5 day supply
Dosage One cup of tea, 1/2 hour before each meal; or anytime as a sweet tasting substitute for sweets. Take with Astra 18 Diet
Potency not disclosed - unknown
Contraindications Avoid taking before bedtime because of energizing and diuretic effects.
Chinese Symptomology Circulates Qi, tonifies Qi, resolves stomach phlegm, regulates stomach and spleen
Actions 1. Taken as a pleasant tasting tea to reduce appetite and improve digestion; should be used with Astra 18 Diet. 2. Used as an invigorating energy tonic.

Note: Health Concerns is converting all formulas from tablets to capsules. Our inventory will reflect both until the conversion is complete.

English name Astra Diet Tea (Caffeine Free Herbal Supplement)
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Astra Diet Tea is designed to be used with Astra 18 Diet as part of a weight loss program. The formula contains herbs that regulate the stomach functions to restore the appetite to normal and assist in obtaining maximum nutrition from a limited diet.


Bo He (Peppermint leaf)Ci Wu Jia (Eleuthero root)Gan Jiang (Ginger root)Pi Pa Ye (Loquat leaf)Zi Su Ye (Perilla leaf)Dan Zhu Ye (Lophatherum leaf)

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