American Healing Technologies

American Healing Technologies

American Healing Technologies, Inc. (AHT). is distributor and marketer of top quality, authentic classical Chinese Herbs, herbal formulas and new healing technologies.

Our mission is simple. We want to help create a deeper level of understanding about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the unique apothecary that helps form the foundation of this holistic healing system.

The Chinese Herbs that you find on this page are all Lab Tested to ensure safety.

Huang Bai - Lab Tested - Phellodendron Bark - Phellodendron spp.; Cortex

Unit Size: 1 lb (16oz)

Phellodendron Cortex directs fire downward, clears damp-heat in the lower burner. - bensky

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Huang Qi (Lab Tested), Astragalus

Unit Size: 1 pound

Astragalus Radix raises the yang qi, tonifies the Spleen and Lung qi, stops sweating, facilitates urination, promotes the discharge of pus, generates flesh - Bensky

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