.35x30mm - Acufast Earth Friendly Spring Bulk Acupuncture Needle

.35x30mm  - Acufast Earth Friendly Spring Bulk Acupuncture Needle

.35x30mm - Acufast Earth Friendly Spring Bulk Acupuncture Needle

SKU AF3530
Brand Acufast Earth Friendly Acupuncture Needles
Unit Size 1000 Needles/Box
Silicone Coating Yes
CAUTION The RED "Exposed" sticker on the box means it has been exposed to gamma ray sterilizatio
English name 28g x 1''

Our .35mm and .40 mm thick needles are specially designed for those practitioners wanting stronger stimulation and or a sturdier needle when performing their various techniques. These needles are great for the following:

• Dong Style practitioners,
• Balance style practitioners,
• Classical Acupuncture practitioners
• Sports Acupuncture practitioners

Now with these additional sizes more practitioners can join in with the Acufast reduce needle waste packaging movement.

Acufast needles are the world’s first consciously produced environmentally friendly acupuncture needle brand. The manufacturer has chosen low impact metals, reduced packaging sizes, used repurposed biodegradable materials for outer packages. These plus other features make this an exciting product for both ease insertion, performance , and reduction of waste.

The needles are Spring handle style needles made from surgical grade stainless steel.

These Non-Coated Acufast needles are designed for practitioners who like needles with no coating. Used in Dry Needling, Sports Acupuncture and people with allergies, these squeaky clean needles do the job you want. Non-coated needles provide that extra fascial pull that allows Sports Acupuncture practitioners to trigger stronger signaling along the myofascial plane. We also made these non-coated needles in thicker sizes to keep the needle going in the direction you want it to. The non-coated needles are also preferred by veterinary practitioners and when using electro-stimulation. 

Acufast needles come vacuum sealed in pouch packs of 10 per pouch.
Please note that tubes sold separately (no more wasted tubes). 

The small size pouch packs are 100% recyclable and are made from PET plastic. All pouch packs utilize a patented easy-to-tear top making them simple and effortless to open.

The pouches are shipped in boxes made from sugar cane fiber (bagasse) which is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.

With the smallest size package on the market for 1000 needles, Acufast occupies minimal space during shipping when compared to leading brands. This reduced size packaging results in a reduced amount of pollution caused by burning fossil fuels to transport goods. Combined with re-purposed sugarcane fibre boxes, reduced plastic tubes, and additional accessories Acufast truly is a smart choice for today’s burdened planet! 

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