.18x15mm #2 Ivory - Seirin J-15 Acupuncture Needle

.18x15mm #2 Ivory - Seirin J-15 Acupuncture Needle
Serin J-15 Needle Image Seirin J-15 Needle Blister pack seirin j-15 needle in tube

.18x15mm #2 Ivory - Seirin J-15 Acupuncture Needle

Brand Seirin J-15 Acupuncture Needles
Unit Size 100 Needles per Box
Properties Contains insertion tubes
Contraindications This needle is approved by Health Canada
Silicone Coating yes

Volume Discounts:
10-19 Boxes Save 5% - $10.92
20+ Boxes Save 10% - $10.35

CAUTION Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of qualified practitioners of acupuncture determined by the States.

The J-15's shorter needle length (15mm), guide tubes, and thinner gauges (02, 01, 1) were inspired by specific needs of top facial rejuvenation practitioners. SEIRIN's precision patented tip design and stringent quality control guidelines make the J-15 perfect for facial acupuncture, as well as auricular therapy, hand therapy, or for use anywhere shallow needling is performed. The J-15 also boasts new ProPak technology, which allows automated manufacturing process, these versatile needles are triple polished, buffed perfectly smooth and electrolytically cleaned. The result is the finest, smoothest, safest and most advanced 15mm acupuncture needle in the world.

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